I search through eternity and I could not find anyone to fit into His position. Will you please spare me a moment out of your busy schedule and join me to worship His excellency.

praises 1

The king of all kings, the Lord of lords, the creator of the universe, the creator of all things, the beginning and the ending, the giver of life, the orchestrator of all things, the ancient of days, the ” I am that I am”, the invisible God, the first and the last, the everlasting God, the wisdom of the wise, the powerful, the Lion and the Lamb, the Almighty.

The self-sufficiency, self- reliance, the all-knowing, the one that is His word is final, the holy one, the most holy, the most high God, the greatest, dependable God, the sovereign God, the merciful God, the light of the world, the omnipresence, the omnipotent, the omniscience, the Lion of Judah, the prince of peace, the hope of the hopeless, the father of the fatherless, the Emmanuel, the highest, the biggest, the best, the fountain of joy, the mighty man in battle, the ageless God, the all knowing God, the great healer.

praise 2
The great provider, the beautiful one, the owner of our souls, the lover of our souls, our comforter, our hope, our confidence, our confidant, our shield, our counsellor, our empowerment, Grace unlimited, His love is abiding and abounding, the unstoppable, our redemption, when He says yes no one can say no, the consuming fire…….. go4it#God’slove

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