Car Accessory Options

Breaking from the common mold seems to be the trend for quite a number of car owners these days. Impelled by hit shows like Pimp My Ride, owners of nondescript cars are getting their rides major revamps in the aesthetics and performance departments. Car owners who have the need for speed but can’t get past 60 mph resort to getting racing-themed custom seat covers with matching truck floor mats.

As car technology advances, car makers are making headway in giving people the option to choose from cars with regular features such as an SUV with stock SUV seat covers or those with installed accessories in addition to the standard packages. Even a truck loaded with customized interiors pales in comparison to one fitted with a whole slew of accessories and features.

Jeep, one of the world’s most famous SUV makers, gives its customers the choice to design and customize certain aspects of their SUVs according to their exact specifications; these aspects range from SUV seat covers to body paint to additional headlamps and tents that can be connected to the rear end of the vehicles. Chevrolet, another car maker with an outstanding lineup of SUVs, also presents their customers the option to install accessories such as seats with custom seat covers, various types of air conditioning systems, and anti-theft security systems.

Of course, the additional car accessories and features mean additional numbers on the price tag. A potential car buyer should weigh the need for an additional car accessory or feature before having it installed by the car maker. Otherwise, the car buyer might be faced with a price that is beyond their budget.

However, there are some accessories and features that some experts believe car makers should install in each of their vehicles so that drivers have the luxury and conveniences necessary for getting around in any town. These are:

o USB Ports
o Integrated live traffic reporting
o LCD screens for movie watching (and of course, in-car DVD systems)
o Blind Spot Warning devices and systems
o Satellite radio

Certain people will prefer more of the above features than others; while others can go without. However, the following accessory options are making waves in today’s innovative car accessory trends:

o Built-in iPod adapter – perfect for those who want to drive with their iPods providing some music. This feature is available in recent models from Audi, BMW, Chrysler, and Honda to name a few.
o Sound controls on the steering wheel – no more does the driver have to struggle with other passengers with regards to what’s playing on the radio or from the music player. With controls neatly placed in the steering wheel, the driver is really in control. Car makers Jeep, Suzuki, Subaru, and Jaguar among others offer this feature.
o Blind spot warning systems – very useful in terms of keeping the car and its passengers out from harm’s way. Sadly, only two car makers — Volvo and Audi — offer this optional feature in their cars.
o Bluetooth Cell Systems – almost all cars employ this latest innovation of wireless connection among wireless devices, even down to the lowly Nissan Versa.