Spiritual Detox

Have you ever considered undergoing a detoxification so you can stay in shape and enjoy all the benefits that comes with it both physically and health wise? It is a very good adventure to dive into, but I would also love to say as much as it is necessary for everyone to embrace this cleansing process, it is very important for you to know that a spiritual detoxification is far more important and needed in our lives periodically, especially, those who are called by God’s name, “the born again Christians”.


Our souls are still been housed by our bodies which is subject to our five senses, where all manner of thoughts, feelings, and emotional reactions, and various activities takes place. Anytime we engage in exercise and physical activities, we are working mainly on our bodies which produces a lot of results including our health boosting which is quite good and rewarding, But having said that, we still need to allow our minds to go through spiritual detox periodically, so it could constantly experience soundness and wholeness.


prayer 2

This could be achieved by putting every other things on hold and going all out for God alone through His son Jesus Christ, whereby devoting a particular period of your day(s) into feeding on God’s word, praying and worshipping, probably fasting, this process renews our minds, removes junks that creeps into our minds as a result of our weaknesses and vulnerability to some certain issues of life, this period are periods between you and your creator only, (Alone with God). These are not period for asking for earthly materials or needs but they are period only dedicated to reconnecting with your creator. Seeking Him, concentrating on Him alone and You will be surprised how your mind would start functioning from a different spectrum and dimension. go4it#God’sLove!

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