God is rich in love and plentiful in mercy, He loves you and me so much that He gratified us with signs and symptoms over everything in life.

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Sometimes, God uses signs  to get us prepared for the next season of our lives, while in other times, He uses signs and symptoms to warn us of the dangers ahead, which could be averted if responded to quickly, but we often disregard the signs that should be a prompter for us and pretend nothing is changing.

Did you know that no matter how old you are in this world you would ever be young in God’s presence, but for our benefit He allow gray hair at some stage in our lives for a sign that we would not be here forever, we often console ourselves by dying it and engaging in all manner of body uplifts but unfortunately, that would not change the fact that nature would take its course.


When a woman is about to deliver a child, she goes into pains termed “labour”, this gets her ready for an appropriate place for the child to be born so she doesn’t give birth on the street or in an inappropriate place.┬áMost sickness comes with symptoms, if responded to promptly, it might not lead to death or other unpleasant conditions.


The time we are now in the history of man is warning us of an important event that will take place soon, that is, the second coming of Jesus Christ, I believe we need no other signs and symptoms around this again, He wants you and me to live with Him forever but it is absolutely subject to your wish, but I would like to employ you to please give it a consideration by allowing Him into your heart. go4it#God’sLove!

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