Father changing his baby daughter's diaper

Maybe you don’t know how much love He has for you, His love for you and me is beyond what we can ever comprehend or imagine.

He engraved you in the palm of His hands; He is there when you fall; He is there when you fail; and He is surely there to pick you up; He has assigned His countless angels to be on guard over you; He called you His own, please, believe this simple truth; He cares about you and He also cares for you; He cares about your present; He genuinely has an extraordinary plans for your future; He is busy preparing a home for your precious soul, you are uniquely made; you are constructively moulded, you are valuable; your worth is beyond gold; you are priceless; don’t let Satan play on your mind by telling you otherwise, you are adorned with unspeakable potentials

dad love you

Maybe you never realised this fact, of all the creatures; you are different and dear to Him, because He formed and made you in the image of Himself; you are the only creature that carries reasoning faculty; you are endowed with the ability of discovery and an unimaginable ability to unveil created things, which is termed “science”, the empowerment of creativity is also assigned to you, you are dynamic; you are indispensable; there are no two of you; you cannot be cloned; you are original, your finger print is uniquely drafted for you, you are not a product of mistake.

He knew that prophets would not be enough to convince your heart back to him; He alone knows you better than you do know yourself; He knew your composition, you don’t, but He gave you the ability to research and discover secret things and hidden treasures, He had to come down personally to show us the way back to Himself; He knew no other person can bear the price to be paid to redirect us back to Himself, that is why, He had to come and die for you so you could be free from the repercussion of your sin; I’m talking about Jesus Christ; He loves you so much and more. go4it#God’s Love!

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