Divine Endorsement

Approval is one of the major factors that keeps us going in life, it is like a catalyst that speeds up rate of reaction, it facilitate and stimulate some of our actions in life. We all loved to be complimented by people, group of people, our spouses, friends, partners, organisations, most especially people who carries high figure or personalities in the society, we believe and trust their validations, but oftentimes, we are faced with the sense of disapproval, which usually occurs at some stages or in some areas of our lives, and could leave wounds in the heart of our hearts and if care is not taken could lead to emotional trauma for some.


Parts of the areas we may be longing for approval could fall within the bracket of our daily routine responsibilities, crafting, gesture, mannerisms, discovery, parenting, talents, beauty, invention of new ideas, achievements, hard labour, leadership, act of kindness, etc. I want to humbly leave this with you, no matter how badly you are seeking for approval never rely on human approval, it could be dangerous and land you in a ditch.

god embrass

Anytime you are faced with a doubt in your mind always fall on God’s word and verbalise His words that fit into the particular situation you are dealing with. For instance, if you are struggling with self acceptance, over your beauty, verbalise His word over your life and believe it, for God says you are wonderful and fearfully made, God says you are very very good when He formed you, anytime you are confused over any of such similar issue, just verbalise His words over your life, for His words are truth.


Never engage in a self-pity party over your beauty or any other relevant issues, for by so doing, you would be committing the same offence as those who do not approve of you. You are directly saying God did a bad Job over your creation. Your justification can never be found in self-pity, self condemnation or self devaluation. You can only be justified by God’s word. For the standard of beauty can only be determined by God and not man.

The world standard of beauty may look right to them, but if it does not come from God and it does not match with His original purpose, idea and intentions, it is not authentic.┬áNow having said this, pray for those who disapprove of your original purpose, pray for God to unveil any veil covering their spiritual eyes, never get involved in a confrontational battle or self-defence of any type, Knowing that we don’t wrestle against human(flesh and blood) but against principalities and powers. Therefore stay in God’s approval and you will always experience a divine sound mind. go4it#God’s love.