We are living in a world that is being managed by seasons and times, We go through different phases in life. Some seasons comes with dreams realisation, celebrations, promotions, opportunities, restorations, etc, while some brings struggles, failures, weaknesses it goes on and on, the beauty of it all is that, all these seasonal experiences revolves around the word “Change” which is subject to constant.

Change lunches us into another phase in life. Whenever we go through difficult seasons in life, it would appear as if it is permanent, which tends to dis-stabilise, disorientate and probably suggest hopelessness to us, so, we cannot wait to get to the next season packed with our desires, hopes and aspirations, whereas, the present and unpleasant season has a huge lesson to give us, perhaps, it has a secret or some details that will enhance our stability in the next season, but because we are too anxious to get to next season we tend to miss out on the tiny little information that comes with the pains of the present season, in so much that, when we eventually gets to the next season we would lack the information and details on how to properly handle new season.

Are you going through a phase in your life that looks and appears dark, know this for sure that, it is subject to a change, I recommend that you ask God through His son Jesus what He wants you to learn, or a piece of information He wants you to gather from your presence season.

You never know in what capacity God wants you to function in your next season and how He wants you to use the information gathered for the good of yourself and some other people that may lightly fall within the same bracket of what you are presently experiencing, or some other people your experience(s) could be a form of light to. go4it#God’slove.

Body Quicken

If the spirit that raises Jesus Christ from the death lives in you, He is able to quicken your mortal body, not you anymore but Christ that lives in you, the fruits you produce signifies the type of Spirit that lives inside of you, if our fruits does not conform with the word of God then we need to invite the Holy Spirit who will lead you into all truth….. Holiness could only be achieved through the Holy Spirit that reside in us, and constantly renewing your mind through studying the word of God.#God’s Love!


I search through eternity and I could not find anyone to fit into His position. Will you please spare me a moment out of your busy schedule and join me to worship His excellency, the king of all kings, the Lord of lords, the creator of the universe, the creator of all things, the beginning and the ending, the giver of life, the orchestrators of all things, the ancient of days, the ” I am that I am”, the invisible God, the first and the last, the everlasting God, the wisdom of the wise, the powerful, the Lion and the Lamb, the almighty, the self-sufficient, self- reliance, the all-knowing, the one that is His word is final, the holy one, the most holy, the most high God, the greatest, dependable God, the sovereign God, the merciful God, the light of the world, the omnipresence, the omnipotent, the omniscience, the Lion of Judah, the prince of peace, the hope of the hopeless, the father of the fatherless, the Emmanuel, the highest, the biggest, the best, the fountain of joy, the mighty man in battle, the ageless God, the all knowing God, the great healer, the great provider, the beautiful one, the owner of our souls, the lover of our souls, our comforter, our hope, our confidence, our confidant, our shield, our counsellor, our empowerment, Grace unlimited, His love is abiding and abounding, the unstoppable, our redemption, when He says yes no one can say no, the consuming fire……..go4it#God’slove

Path Rediscovery

Maybe you don’t know how much love He has for you; His love for you and me is beyond what we can ever comprehend or imagine; He engraved you in the palm of His hands; He is there when you fall; He is there when you fail; and He is surely there to pick you up; He has assigned His countless angels to be on guard over you; He called you His own, please, believe this simple truth; He cares about you and He also cares for you; He cares about your present; He genuinely has an extraordinary plans for your future; He is busy preparing a home for your precious soul, you are uniquely made; you are constructively moulded, you are valuable; your worth is beyond gold; you are priceless; don’t let Satan play on your mind by telling you otherwise, you are adorned with unspeakable potentials; maybe you never realised this fact, of all the creatures; you are different and dear to Him, because He formed and made you in the image of Himself; you are the only creature that carries reasoning faculty; you are endowed with the ability of discovery and an unimaginable ability to unveil created things, which is termed “science”, the empowerment of creativity is also assigned to you, you are dynamic; you are indispensable; there are no two of you; you cannot be cloned; you are original, your finger print is uniquely drafted for you, you are not a product of mistake; He knew that prophets would not be enough to convince your heart back to him; He alone knows you better than you do know yourself; He knew your composition, you don’t, but He gave you the ability to research and discover secret things and hidden treasures, He had to come down personally to show us the way back to Himself; He knew no other person can bear the price to be paid to redirect us back to Himself, that is why, He had to come and die for you so you could be free from the repercussion of your sin; I’m talking about Jesus Christ; He loves you so much and more. #God’s Love!

Spiritual Detox

Have you ever considered undergoing a detoxification so you can stay in shape and enjoy all the benefits that comes with it both physically and health wise? It is a very good adventure to dive into, but I would also love to say as much as it is necessary for everyone to embrace this cleansing process, it is very important for you to know that a spiritual detoxification is far more important and needed in our lives periodically, especially, those who are called by God’s name, “the born again Christians”.

Our souls are still been housed by our bodies which is subject to our five senses, where all manner of thoughts, feelings, and emotional reactions, and various activities takes place. Anytime we engage in exercise and physical activities, we are working mainly on our bodies which produces a lot of results including our health boosting which is quite good and rewarding, But having said that, we still need to allow our minds to go through spiritual detox periodically, so it could constantly experience soundness and wholeness.

This could be achieved by putting every other things on hold and going all out for God alone through His son Jesus Christ, whereby devoting a particular period of your day(s) into feeding on God’s word, praying and worshipping, probably fasting, this process renews our minds, removes junks that creeps into our minds as a result of our weaknesses and vulnerability to some certain issues of life, this period are periods between you and your creator only, (Alone with God). These are not period for asking for earthly materials or needs but they are period only dedicated to reconnecting with your creator. Seeking Him, concentrating on Him alone and You will be surprised how your mind would start functioning from a different spectrum and dimension. go4it#God’sLove!

Signs and Indications

God is rich in love and plentiful in mercy, He loves you and me so much that He gratified us with signs and symptoms over everything in life.

sometimes, He uses the signs to get us prepared for the next season of our lives, while in other times, He uses signs and symptoms to worn us of the dangers ahead, which could be averted if responded to quickly, but we often disregard the signs that should be a prompter for us and pretend nothing is changing. Did you know that no matter how old you are in this world you are ever young in God’s presence, but for our benefit He allow gray hair at some stage in our lives for a sign that we would not be here forever, though, we may keep consoling ourselves by dying it and engaging in all manner of body uplifts but that would not change the fact that nature would take its course. When a woman is about to deliver a child, she goes into pains termed “labour”, this gets her ready for an appropriate place for the child to be born so she doesn’t give birth on the street or in an inappropriate place.Most sickness comes with symptoms if responded to promptly, it might not lead to death or other unpleasant conditions.

The time we are now in the history of man is warning us of an important event that will take place soon, that is, the second coming of Jesus Christ, I believe we need no other signs and symptoms around this again, He wants you and me to live with Him forever but it is absolutely subject to your wish, but I would like to employ you to please give it a consideration by allowing Him into your heart. go4it#God’sLove!

Approval Craving

Approval is one of the major factors that keeps us going in life, it is like a catalyst that speeds up rate of reaction, it facilitate and stimulate some of our actions in life. We all loved to be complimented by people, group of people, our spouses, friends, partners, organisations, most especially people who carries high figure or personalities in the society, we believe and trust their validations, but oftentimes, we are faced with the sense of disapproval, which usually occurs at some stages or in some areas of our lives, and could leave wounds in the heart of our hearts and if care is not taken could lead to emotional trauma for some.

Parts of the areas we may be longing for approval could fall within the bracket of our daily routine responsibilities, crafting, gesture, mannerisms, discovery, parenting, talents, beauty, invention of new ideas, achievements, hard labour, leadership, act of kindness, etc. I want to humbly leave this with you, no matter how badly you are seeking for approval never rely on human approval, it could be dangerous and land you in a ditch. Only seek the approval of God which His Spirit would usually affirm to you or you could gather from His word (Bible) through the leading of His Spirit. God is the only authentic and genuine means of approval, for He truly has your interest at heart and also has a unique plan for you, which is only peculiar and structured for only you. Human approval could be falsehood and misleading.

Anytime you are faced with a doubt in your mind always fall on God’s word and verbalise His words that fit into the particular situation you are dealing with. For instance, if you are struggling with self acceptance, over your beauty, verbalise His word over your life and believe it, for God says you are wonderful and fearfully made, God says you are very very good when He formed you, anytime you are confused over any of such similar issue, just verbalise His words over your life, for His words are truth. Never engage in a self-pity party over your beauty or any other relevant issues, for by so doing, you would be committing the same offence as those who do not approve of you. You are directly saying God did a bad Job over your creation. Your justification can never be found in self-pity, self condemnation or self devaluation. You can only be justified by God’s word. For the standard of beauty can only be determined by God and not man. The world standard of beauty may look right to them, but if it does not come from God and it does not match with His original purpose, idea and intentions, it is not authentic. Now having said this, pray for those who disapprove of your original purpose, pray for God to unveil any veil covering their spiritual eyes, never get involved in a confrontational battle or self-defence of any type, Knowing that we don’t wrestle against human(flesh and blood) but against principalities and powers. Therefore stay in God’s approval and you will always experience a divine sound mind. go4it#God’s love.

God’s Empowerment

If the spirit that raises Jesus Christ from the death lives in you, He is able to quicken your mortal body, not you anymore but Christ that lives in you, the fruits you produce signifies the type of Spirit that lives inside of you, if our fruits does not conform with the word of God then we need to invite the Holy Spirit who will lead you into all truth….. Holiness could only be achieved through the Holy Spirit that reside in us and constantly renewing your mind through studying the word of God, Shalom!