We are living in a world that is being managed by seasons and times, We go through different phases in life. Some seasons comes with dreams realisation, celebrations, promotions, opportunities, restorations, etc, while some brings struggles, failures, weaknesses it goes on and on, the beauty of it all is that, all these seasonal experiences revolves around the word “Change” which is subject to constant.

Change launches us into another phase in life. Whenever we go through difficult seasons in life, it often appear as if it is permanent, which tends to dis-stabilise, disoriented and probably suggest hopelessness to us, so, we cannot wait to get to the next season packed with our desires, hopes and aspirations, whereas, the present and unpleasant season has a huge lesson to deliver us.

This could be in form of revelations or some juicy details that will enhance our stability in the next season, but because we are too anxious to get to next season we tend to miss out on the tiny little information that comes with the pains of the present season, in so much that, when we eventually gets to the next season we would lack the information and details on how to properly handle new season.

Are you going through a phase in your life that looks and appears dark, know this for sure that, it is subject to a change, I recommend that you ask God through His son Jesus what He wants you to learn, or a piece of information He wants you to gather from your presence season.

You never know in what capacity God wants you to function in your next season and how He wants you to use the information gathered for your good and some other people who may lightly fall within the same bracket of what you are presently experiencing, or some other people your experience(s) could be a form of light to. go4it#God’slove.

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